Our Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks

by Best-Japanese Team
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We have created two guides to Japanese drinks so far – one looking at Japanese tea while the other covers Japanese Sake. The articles are introduced below and hopefully they will be helpful for you. We will add in more Japanese drink guides such as for Japanese whiskey and popular Japanese soft drinks in the near future!

Japanese drinks – Tea

Cold brew tea Japanese drinks

For centuries, people have enjoyed the pleasing qualities of a cup of aromatic and invigorating tea. In Japan, one of the many countries that possess a rich tradition and culture, consuming this cherished beverage has become an integral part of life. From special occasions observed in ceremonies to different types of green teas, the splendour of Japanese teas has won over not only Japanese citizens but also international tea enthusiasts who savour its unique flavors.

This article offers a comprehensive look at the range of Japanese teas, from popular types such as Matcha and green tea to lesser known varieties like Bancha, Wakocha and Sobacha. The descriptions for each tea, along with the photos have been kindly provided by our friends at Tencha tea who are true Japanese tea experts. Additionally, they’ll be sharing their knowledge on useful Japanese tea terms, its health benefits, how to make Japanese tea, and which ones they recommend for newcomers. Let’s dive straight in with the 13 types of Japanese tea you should know!

Japanese drinks – Sake

Pouring Sake

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice and generally with an alcohol content between 13-17%. Japanese Sake, or Nihonshu as it is called in Japan, is often translated into English as “rice wine” but in fact, the production method is closer to that of beer. From its origins in ancient Japan to its modern-day production process, sake has been an integral part of Japanese life for generations.

In this article, we will explore the different types of Japanese sake, common misconceptions, and how to enjoy this unique beverage. We will also discuss the traditional sake brewing process and how it has evolved over time to create a variety of flavors and styles. Finally, we’ll take a look at some of the popular types of Japanese sake available today and where to buy them in the UK.

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