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About Us

by Best-Japanese Team

The Best Japanese Team is a community of friends, Japanese expats, and Japanese second-generation. Our goal is to create a platform where we can share and exchange knowledge on Japanese food, culture, lifestyle, and travel.

While our website is often going to be where you can find the most detailed information, please feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our latest updates and tips.

What the Best Japanese Team do

Are you trying to figure out which sushi restaurant to visit in London tonight or perhaps a ramen restaurant in Manchester? Maybe you are looking for a supermarket that sells ingredients so you can make Japanese dishes at home? Perhaps you are searching for a Japanese language school or upcoming Japanese events in the UK? For all of the above and more, we hope to provide the information you need. Last but not least, we want to showcase the new trends and innovations taking place in Japan.

Authentic Japanese food and recipes

Japanese food is becoming increasingly popular and with this trend, some people are trying add Japanese cuisine to their restaurant menus or latest social media recipes . This is all welcome and it’s great that Japanese food is now so widespread. Unfortunately not all the “authentic” dishes you see anything like dishes you find in Japan. Recently we’ve even seen ramen recipes using udon noodles and “authentic” Japanese dishes made with Sriracha sauce!

Now new cooking methods and local ingredients or twists can make innovative dishes. But first surely there should be an reliable information source on what is actually authentic Japanese food and what might best be described as Japanese inspired.

Accurate information on Japanese culture and lifestyle

Our second aim is to provide accurate information on Japanese culture and lifestyle so that people can get a better picture of Japanese attitudes, trends, technology, and the latest fashion items. Above all, we want to reduce the misconceptions of Japan as there is plenty of outdated thinking out there. A lot of news coverage on Japan focuses on the “weird” side of Japan. However, this often adds to a very skewed image of the “exotic” country people assume Japan to be.

In addition, we wish to share our knowledge or learnings on Japanese culture. We will letting you know which are our favourite Japanese podcasts, blogs, websites and Youtube channels.

Join the Best Japanese Team!

Are passionate about Japan? Would you like to write a review of a Japanese restaurant or cafe? Or is there a topic related to Japanese culture you think our audience might want to read about? If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message using the contact us form.