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Sashimi in London – Where to buy the freshest fish

by Best-Japanese Team
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Sashimi plate salmon ikura tuna

Although finding sashimi grade fish may be easier in London, you can have excellent sashimi delivered to your home throughout the UK.

In this post, we start with our list of where you can buy the freshest fish and seafood in London. However, don’t worry if you are located outside of the London area. You can still order sashimi online with Soldeli and they can delivered nationwide within 2 to 5 business days.

List of places to buy fresh Sashimi in London

  1. Atariya
  2. Natural Natural
  3. Japan Centre
  4. Soldeli
  5. Billingsgate Market
  6. Primrose Hill Sakanaya

First we will add essential information and a brief introduction for Atariya, Japan Centre, and Natural Natural. However, you can find full details in our Best-Japanese Supermarkets post. Also we have included information about Billingsgate Market below and during the next month, we will add information on Soldeli.

Atariya – Impressive Sashimi selection

Atariya have locations in Golders Green, Kingston, Swiss Cottage and West Acton. The main attraction at Atariya is their fresh fish and seafood. For example, their impressive selection includes:

  • Scallops
  • Boiled Prawns
  • Squid
  • Hirame (Turbot)
  • Tuna
  • Salmon Roe
  • Mentaiko (Seasoned Pollock Roe)
  • Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)

After a quick look around the store, you will find that’s not all. Ataiya have a small deli area with sushi, bento boxes, and very reasonable Chirashi (assorted fresh seafood) rice bowls. The staff are also friendly and happy to help you choose the weight and best options for your sashimi and seafood.

Natural Natural – High Quality Sashimi in SakeSakana

Natural Natural Sashimi Grade Fresh
Sashimi Selection at Natural Natural

Natural Natural is located in Ealing Common and Finchley Road. They have a pretty good online presence so you may have come across some of their discounts for first time buyers. Most importantly, they offer high quality sashimi including popular choices like Salmon and Blue Fin Tuna. Their fantastic wide range includes scallops, surf clams, boiled prawns, and sea urchin.

After you have checked our the sashimi and seafood, make sure you take a look at their sake and the Natural Natural supermarket. However if you are after the best sashimi, remember to go early before it all gets snapped up. We should also mention that Natural Natural provides free delivery to mainland UK address on all orders over £50.

Japan Centre – Sashimi and DIY Sushi Kits

Japan Centre’s current flagship store is just off Leicester Square, but they also operate Ichiba in Westfield London, and UMAI in Stratford Westfield City. As a result, you have options to buy sashimi grade fish and seafood across London. For example, if you are in the centre you can visit their Panton Street store close to Leicester Square and pick up some sashimi from the counter. Or if you are in Westfield, check out Ichiba where they also have a selection of ready made sushi bentos. Another thing they are great at is providing DIY kits which include easy to follow instructions for making sushi at home.

Billingsgate Market

Billingsgate is where buyers from the best restaurants and fishmongers in London source their fish and seafood. Although it is a professional fish market, it’s also open to the general public. The market opens at 4am and the serious buyers are in and out before half five if not before. Stalls start shutting up at 6:30 which is when prices start going down and bargain hunters arrive. You can easily get seafood and fish for prices you don’t see in a supermarket – for examples 4 rainbow trout for £10.

So how about the Sashimi? You will need to carefully ask the traders if the fish they are selling is sashimi-grade. We have a separate article with extra details on what you need to ask which you can read here. Remember that at Billingsgate you have to bring cash, as there are no ATMs nearby and traders often don’t have card readers. Also, you won’t be able to buy small quantities. You’ll be buying by the kilo or by boxes or in our case with sashimi-grade salmon, you have to buy the whole fillet.

Billingsgate Market Salmon Sashimi Fillet

Here’s a photo of the Salmon Sashimi-Grade fillet we bought once we got it back home. We paid £26 for 1.75 kgs of Norwegian Salmon. Although this fillet was not descaled, this only took two minutes to do and then it was onto slicing and eating a delicious Sashimi breakfast!

Primrose Hill Sakanaya

We discovered primrose_hill_sakanaya on Instagram a while back and have been avidly following since. The posts are all in Japanese so if you’re not up to speed with your Kanji you’ll need a friend who can read Japanese. This account is run by a lady who has been in the industry for over 28 years both in the UK and Japan. Saturdays are the dedicated day for sashimi and you’ll see other special offers throughou the week. Also, if you are interested in understanding how to prepare fish or looking for recipes, there are plenty of posts and reels for you. One thing to remember about Primrose Hill Sakanaya is they do not sell Chu-toro or O-toro Maguro (Fatty Tuna). On the other hand, they do have an excellent range of fish and seafood. For example, you can find Salmon, Sea bass, Cod, Marlin, Sardines, Prawns, Scallops, Squid, and Crab.

We hope that this list of recommendations will help you to source high-quality and delicious sashimi for sushi making or enjoying it by itself. Please feel free to comment below.

Finally, if you are looking for authentic Japanese restaurants have a read through our restaurant reviews. For ramen lovers we have our best ramen in London list, while our top 10 Japanese restaurants in London list covers Sushi, Tonkatsu, Udon, and Okonomiyaki restaurants.

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