Sake Seafood Sensations in London

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Moto Japanese Sake London

Following on from World Sake Day on 1st October, chefs across the capital have created a carefully selected array of seafood-based dishes that pair fantastically with a diverse selection of sake. These original Sake & Seafood menus were only planned to be available throughout the month of October however now the campaign has been extended until November 20th!

Sake is often thought of being served at Japanese restaurants or Asian fushion restaurants but the aim of Sake Seafood Sensations is to showcase the combinations available with both Japanese and non-Japanese cuisines. Seafood is well-known to provide an excellent pairing with sake, and it’s not a leap to see how it would work with Mediterranean seafood rice dishes, Smoked Salmon or even that British classic – Fish and chips!

How was Sake Seafood Sensations set up?

 Sake Seafood Sensations
Sake Seafood Sensations, JFOODO

This month-long campaign to celebrate sake’s food-pairing versatility has been put together by JFOODO, which aims to increase awareness for top-quality Japanese food and drink products. As you may expect, they have a great guide explaining what sake is and what the main categories are.

Sake Seafood Sensations in London is currently taking place at 28 restaurants and bars in Central, East and North London. Each of the restaurants taking part has worked with a WSET-qualified sake expert to ensure that they are creating the perfect pairings. Christine Parkinson, who has supported a number of the restaurants with their sake-pairing menus explains: “Most people don’t realise how versatile sake is, and how delicious it can be with all sorts of cuisines. It has an umami component that always brings out the harmony of flavours in food.”

An eclectic range of London establishments will take part in Sake Seafood Sensations, including three 5-star hotel restaurants, several renowned Japanese restaurants, and even a floating barge! There are actually a few restaurants and bars that have been off our radar, and the campaign gives an excellent reason to visit. Here we will introduce 8 of the restaurants and their pairing menus to give you an idea of what you can expect before you book.

Aqua Kyoto

Cocktails and Japanese dishes with a contemporary spin, set in an ultra-glossy designer rooftop setting at Aqua Kyoto.

Aqua Kyoto London
Credit: Aqua Kyoto, JFOODO


  • Sashimi moriawese – paired with – a smooth Ginjo Azure Sake (on the Experience Menu).
  • Pan-fried Chilean sea bass, onion dashi & sea vegetables – paired with – a rich, earthy Junmai Nishinoseki Sake.
  • Grilled barley miso salmon served with a soba & tomato salsa – paired with – a velvety Dai Ginjo Nabeshima Sake.

TAKA Marylebone

Located in the heart of London’s Marylebone Village, TAKA combines British ingredients with Japanese techniques and food philosophies. This results in a creative marriage of cultures that focuses on seasonality, produce, nostalgia and fun.

Taka Restaurant London
Credit: TAKA Marylebone, JFOODO


  • Yellowtail sashimi with smoked aubergine – paired with – Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai .
  • California roll with yuzu mayo – paired with – Tedorigawa Yamahai Daiginjo .
  • Crispy Cod roll with beetroot and daikon – paired with – Masumi Yamahai HiyaOroshi.

8 At the Londoner

A decadent izakaya rooftop bar that reimagines the traditions and informal style of Japanese drinking establishments. Three stunning spaces at 8 At the Londoner set the scene for a sophisticated rooftop experience above the capital’s most iconic neighbourhood.

8 at the Londoner
Credit: 8 At the Londoner, JFOODO


  • Sashimi Moriawase (salmon, yellowtail, sea bass and tuna) – paired with – Azure Ginjo (smooth with a clean finish).
  • King prawns wrapped in crispy filo pastry with wasabi mayonnaise, paired with Ninki-Ichi Gold Junmai Daiginjo (persimmon and cucumber on the nose, melon and papaya on the palate with a hint of chestnut and honeycomb).
  • Chilean sea bass with shiso salsa, paired with CEL–24 Junmai Ginjo (aromas of apple and grape, with rich flavours of pineapple, banana and pear on the palate)


The UK’s first Japanese sake bar, shop and eatery! From sake and shochu to gin and absinthe, stop by Moto to sip your way through stunning craft drinks made only in Japan. To further elevate your drinking experience, the staff will help you discover the most suitable pairing from their food menu.

Moto Japanese Sake London
Credit: Moto, JFOODO


  • Miso Salmon – paired with – Hatsumidori Junmai Yamahai (served warm) from Okuhida Brewery, Gifu Japan.
  • Prawn Obento – paired with – Nagomi Nama-Chozo (served chilled) from Murayu Brewery, Niigata Japan.

Inamo Convent Garden

Inamo showcases stunning pan-Asian cuisine using the world’s first interactive restaurant ordering & entertainment system. Order your meal via touch-sensitive table surfaces & tablets, play over 25 games including 4 player Air Hockey, and Space Invaders, even colour and draw on the table surface!

Inamo Covent Garden
Credit: Inamo Convent Garden, JFOODO


  • Unagi Roll (Eel delicately laid across a roll of crunchy ebi (prawn) tempura, drizzled with eel sauce.)- paired with – o Akashi-Tai Honjozo Genshu (cold).
  • Samurai Roll (Tender tuna, shrimp tempura & avocado, with BBQ sauce & red chilli. 8 pieces) – paired with – o Akashi-Tai Honjozo Genshu (hot).
  • Dragon Roll (Inamo’s signature dish! Crunchy tempura shrimp, creamy avocado and a touch of mayo. 8 pieces. Enter the Dragon!) – paired with – o Akashi-Tai Junmai Daiginjo

The Wellington Lounge

Standing proudly on the former site of 145 Piccadilly, Queen Elizabeth II’s former childhood home, The Wellington Lounge pays respect to its heritage by blending the best of tradition with contemporary twists.

Wellington Lounge
Credit: Wellington Lounge, JFOODO


  • Heritage beetroot-cured salmon gravlax (Roasted baby beetroot, lemon, crème fraîche, capers)- paired with – Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai.
  • Classic fish and chips (Haddock, chunky chips, pea purée, tartare sauce, chargrilled lemon) – paired with – Dewazakura Izumi Judan- Ginjo Sake.
  • Biryani cooked with your choice of: Chicken or lamb or,Prawns – paired with – Kamoizumi “KomeKome”– Low alcohol sake

The Grand Duchess

London Shell Co. serves the finest seafood from two barge boats in Paddington, London. The Prince Regent cruises and The Grand Duchess stays static. The large majority of our fish comes from Kernowsashimi & Wild Harbour. They represent a network of Cornish day boat fishermen.

Grand Duchess London
Credit: Grand Duchess, JFOODO


  • Natural Lindisfarne Oysters – paired with – Tenth Degree Dewazakura Izumi Judah Ginjo from Yagamata.
  • Fish Platter (smoked salmon, cod’s roe, crevettes, smoked mackerel, pickles, soda bread, butter) – paired with – Cherry Bouguet Dewazakura Oka Ginjo from Yagamata.
  • Main fish (TBC) – paired with – Heart of Oak Tamagawa Tokubetsu Junmai from Kyoto

Arros QD

Arros QD is the result of chef Quique Dacosta’s lifelong passion for paella and wood-fired cooking, brought to life in the heart of Fitzrovia. Everything revolves around the six-metre woodfire stove where our chefs weave their magic, with theatrical seating around the open kitchen downstairs and a classic dining experience on the upper floor.

Arros QD
Credit: Arros QD, JFOODO


  • Maldon rock oysters with mignonette sauce – paired with – Shirayuki “Clear Sky” Itami Morohaku Honjōzō.
  • Yellowfin tuna tartare with avocado purée, sesame seeds and spicy Thai crackers – paired with – Gozenshu 1859 “Evolution” Junmai Bodaimoto Muroka Nama Genshu.
  • Mediterranean Rice (cuttle fish, red prawns, seabream, seafood stock) – paired with – Yauemon “Silent Forest” Junmai Ginjō.

Bookings & more Japanese Restaurants

For those looking for the full list of restaurants participating in Sake Seafood Sensations and wanting to reserve a table, please visit the JFOODO Sake Seafood Sensations restaurant list. Also if you’re looking for more ideas for Japanese restaurants in London, please feel free to check our top 10 Japanese restaurants in London guide.

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