National Sake Week

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National Sake Week 2024

If you love Sake or if you’re interested in but never had a chance to try it, this April you’ll have the opportunity to attend ‘National Sake Week 2024’, a week-long celebration to delve into the world of Sake, where the event not only provides the opportunity to enjoy Sake tasting and enhancing your knowledge of Sake, but also a great way to get to mingle with like-minded sake enthusiasts and to establish new connections. Read on to learn more about this fantastic event!

What is National Sake Week?

Celebrating the beauty of Japanese Sake and Shochu, National Sake Week in the UK stands out as a tribute to these distinctive beverages. Created by renowned sake expert, Samuel Boulton, this week-long event showcases a diverse range of tastings, educational workshops, and social gatherings across the UK. It serves as a platform for individuals to delve deep into Japanese sake culture and gain a newfound appreciation for these traditional drinks.

When is National Sake Week in 2024?

National Sake Week
Photo Credit: National Sake Week

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated National Sake Week 2024, a vibrant showcase of Japanese Sake and Shochu in the United Kingdom. Scheduled to captivate audiences from April 15th to 21st, this eagerly awaited celebration will offer a captivating blend of events and activities catering to both seasoned connoisseurs and curious newcomers.

Throughout this exciting week-long event, cities across the UK will host an array of engaging experiences spotlighting the diverse tapestry of Japanese sake culture. Under the guidance of the esteemed sake authority, Samuel Boulton, National Sake Week is sure to deliver an unforgettable expedition into the enchanting realm of Japanese alcohol.

>>> More on their About Us page.

What activities are taking place throughout National Sake Week?

Sam Boulton Sake Tasting
Photo Credit: National Sake Week

National Sake Week 2024 will engage a network of 50 bars and restaurants, collaborate with 30 brand/import partners, and plan out 25 exciting events throughout the United Kingdom. This ambitious project aims to unify Japanese drinking culture enthusiasts nationwide.

Establishments spanning from the enchanting city of Edinburgh to vibrant Manchester, lively Leeds, bustling Birmingham, and dynamic London will immerse guests in the world of sake through creative cocktails, inventive pairings, and enticing flights. Visitors can anticipate a variety of novel concoctions that showcase sake’s adaptability in mixology, alongside thoughtfully curated flights and expertly crafted pairings designed to elevate their dining experiences.

Where are the venues?

Photo Credit: National Sake Week

Kicking off the exciting lineup for the upcoming week is the highly anticipated Cheese & Sake extravaganza at La Fromagerie Marylebone in London, presented by Mai X La Fromagerie. Joining this special event will be cheese connoisseurs Max and kikisake-shi sommelier Erika Haigh, guiding attendees through a delightful tasting journey of sake and artisan cheeses.

In a different part of the city, Kanpai Sake Brewery is set to host a captivating Cocktail Party featuring renowned mixologist Samuel Boulton, the mastermind behind the bestselling book “The Art of Mixing Koji Cocktails.” Expect an innovative blend of traditional Japanese flavors and contemporary mixology techniques as Koji-inspired cocktails take center stage.

Meanwhile, over in Birmingham, Grain & Glass will transform into a haven for Japanese craftsmanship during the exclusive “Barrels of Japan” event showcasing traditional artistry of wood barrels and aging techniques unique to Japan. Also, in Birmingham, a special dining experience awaits at Sushido, featuring a special Mango and crispy breaded prawn roll complemented by Fukukomachi “Gentle Breeze” Junmai Ginjō. Over at Utilita Arena, guests can indulge in a delightful Sushi and Sake paired lunch, thoughtfully crafted by the newly launched Japanese music destination, Mooncat.

At JÖRO in Sheffield, an exclusive collaboration will take place with Wortley Wagyu Tasting Menu. This special partnership with Tengu Sake and local supplier & farmer, Jake Tue of Wortley Wagyu, will offer a distinctive Wagyu Signature tasting menu with optional sake-based drink pairings for a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience.

>>> More on their What’s On page.

For details on the Workshops that West London Wine School is holding, check out our April Events page.

Photo Credit: West London Wine School

Discounts Available

For the National Sake Week, there are two places you can get great deals on sake purchases that you don’t want to miss!

1) London Sake is offering 10% off on purchases from April 1st to April 21st.

2) HIS Premium Japan is giving 10% off on their curated range within the shop. Also, during the week, you can get to taste Kamotsuru Honjozo Karakuchi available at the shop.

If you were able to check out any of the fantastic shops, restaurants, events or workshops, please feel free to comment below on your experience! This will give our readers a better idea of what to expect and may encourage them to try some of the shops and restaurants or join future events and workshops by the same organizers.

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