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Digital Marketing Agency Japan

Looking for a digital marketing agency in Japan for your brand, products or services? Then this is the perfect article for you! Japan, one of the world’s largest economies, uniquely combines traditional values with modern technology, making it an excellent place for both international and local businesses to grow.

As part of a new content series on Best Japanese, we’ll be creating some business-related articles. Many of our readers have mentioned they are looking to do business in Japan, and we believe this type of content will be helpful.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Japan

Japan, more than just a large market, is renowned for its tech-savvy population, making it an excellent place for digital marketing. This, coupled with the Japanese openness to digital ads, has positioned Japan as the world’s fourth-largest spender in digital advertising as of 2024. Furthermore, IDC Japan predicts that Japan’s digital marketing spend will grow every year, hitting 61 billion yen (USD $404 million) by 2025. This includes different strategies like creative campaigns, influencer marketing, digital ads, and content marketing. Google is the top search engine in Japan, with Yahoo! Japan also being popular. Modern digital marketing in Japan often uses social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to reach people Japanese consumers.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Japan

Japanese consumers focus on trust, quality, and being genuine, caring about details and how a brand looks. In our list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Japan, we’ll show you how they can help your brand shine in Japan. The digital marketing services provided by these agencies can guide your brand through Japan’s digital scene, ensuring your strategy and campaigns are effective and align with Japanese culture.

1. JapanBuzz

Category: Japanese Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

Japan Buzz

JapanBuzz is an influencer marketing and digital marketing agency based in Tokyo, Japan. With over 15 years of experience, it was one of the pioneers in Japanese influencer marketing and Social Media marketing. Also, with offices in London, they are the perfect solution for foreign businesses looking to expand into the Japanese market but needing language support.

Its excellence as a Social Media Marketing Agency stands out, with a lot of experience delivering across popular platforms in Japan like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and LINE. However, they also offer a wide range of services including content marketing, strategy, online advertising web design, translation and Japanese SEO.

JapanBuzz has worked with many famous international brands from fashion, lifestyle, and tech. Their clients include Uber, Notion, Richemont Group, SKII, Vimeo, Ralph Lauren and more. They handle a variety of projects, from physical products and services to subscriptions and apps.

If you need help with social media, influencer marketing or any other digital marketing in Japan, JapanBuzz’s skills and dedication to quality can help international companies succeed in the Japanese market.

2. Mr+Positive

Category: Video production


Mr+Positive, a video production and post agency based in Tokyo, Japan, is known for its creative excellence and top-tier service, making it a standout among digital marketing agencies. They specialize in storytelling and high-quality content production, with a diverse portfolio that includes commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, and promotional material.

Their clientele features prominent brands like Adidas, Bottega Veneta, YouTube Premium, and the BBC. Mr+Positive sets itself apart with its commitment to creating impactful messages and a versatile ‘can-do’ attitude. This extends to services like equipment rental, casting, location scouting, bookings, and permits, even accommodating remote needs.

The agency’s experienced bilingual team, with over 20 years in the industry, works closely with clients to realize their creative visions. Mr+Positive’s expertise in cinematography and storytelling has earned them recognition for their professionalism and positive impact in the industry

Artless Inc

3. Artless Inc.

Category: Branding

Artless Inc. is a renowned branding and strategic design agency based in Tokyo, Japan, known for creating visually striking and effective brand identities. Their expertise covers a wide range of areas, including branding and strategy, graphic design, web development, architecture and landscape design, typography and signage, and web development.

What makes Artless Inc. unique is their skill in blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern design trends and sustainability. This approach leads to distinct and culturally relevant branding strategies that appeal to both global and local audiences.

Their client-focused, trilingual (English, Japanese, and Chinese) team works closely with businesses to develop a strong, lasting brand image. Artless Inc. has worked with many major companies across various industries.

Their commitment to creating meaningful and visually impressive brand experiences positions them as a significant player in Japan’s digital marketing and branding sector.

4. W+K Tokyo

Category: Creative campaigns

W+K Tokyo

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, a top creative advertising agency in Tokyo, is part of the renowned Wieden+Kennedy network. Known for its innovation and boundary-pushing ideas, W+K Tokyo serves both local and international clients. They stand out for their deep understanding of Japanese culture, which they skillfully blend with global trends. This results in campaigns that resonate and start conversations among diverse audiences.

Their unique Japanese and Western hybrid team, bringing together various cultures, interests, and skills, creates content with fresh perspectives. W+K Tokyo has a strong portfolio, including successful projects for brands like Nike and IKEA. Remember those famous commercials with Naomi Osaka a few years ago? They were W+K Tokyo’s creation.

Renowned for creativity and authenticity, W+K Tokyo fosters meaningful connections between brands and consumers, consistently leading the marketing scene.

5. Luis Mendo

Category: Illustration

Luis Mendo

Luis Mendo is a Spanish artist based in Tokyo, known for his unique illustrations. Although he’s not a traditional agency, his contributions to Japan’s digital marketing are significant. He’s renowned for his visual storytelling skills, creating captivating content like illustrations, graphics, and multimedia art. Mendo has worked with brands and campaigns such as WIRED, UNIQLO, Hotel Indigo, and Montblanc.

His work often blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern elements, producing culturally relevant illustrations. Mendo’s talent in conveying complex ideas through his art has made a notable impact on Japan’s digital marketing scene. This has made him a popular collaborator for brands seeking to add artistic flair to their marketing campaigns.

6. Rhizomatiks

Category: Creative concepts


“Rhizomatiks, based in Japan, is a forward-thinking creative agency that specialises in digital marketing and creative technology. They take an R&D-focused approach to push the limits of digital experiences. Rhizomatiks works across various fields like media art, advertising, entertainment, architecture, and urban development, creating new types of multimedia experiences.

They are known for their immersive, interactive installations, performances, and digital campaigns that leave a lasting impression. Their work has included collaborations with well-known figures such as ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu, and music groups Underworld, Sakanaction, and Perfume.

Rhizomatiks stands out for their unique blend of art, technology, and culture, creating experiences that are visually stunning and deeply meaningful. Their team, comprising experts in art, design, and engineering, ensures a comprehensive approach to every project.

With dedicated divisions for Research, Architecture, and Design, Rhizomatiks continues to be at the forefront of innovation and breakthrough solutions in their field

7. WOW Inc.

Category: Motion graphics

WoW Inc

WOW Inc., an award-winning creative design agency in Japan, is known for its innovative use of new media technology and materials in art and design. They offer a broad range of services, including creating advertising commercials, promotional videos, installations for exhibitions, and UI/UX web design. They have worked with notable brands such as Amazon, Audi, ISSEY MIYAKE, and Shiseido.

Their expertise is especially evident in motion graphics and 3D animations, producing conceptual movies and promotional videos with striking visuals that leave a lasting impact. The team at WOW Inc. is dedicated to providing design-driven solutions. They aim to inspire change with their ideas, impacting individuals and society as a whole.

8. Actio Inc.

Category: PR consulting

Actio Inc

Actio Inc. is a Tokyo-based public relations firm offering a wide range of services. They handle everything from consulting and planning to carrying out various PR activities. Their services include handling communications, media relations, creating PR materials, organizing events, and conducting market research.

Their comprehensive approach helps brands easily understand and work within Japan’s unique PR landscape. Actio’s experienced team is skilled at creating strategies for the Japanese market. They have a successful history of helping businesses, including well-known companies like Stride and DreamArts.

9. Dentsu

Category: Advertising & PR


Dentsu, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a globally recognised advertising and digital marketing agency founded in 1901. As one of Japan’s largest advertising firms, it has played a major role in shaping the advertising industry in Japan and abroad.

The agency offers a range of services, including digital marketing services, branding, public relations, and media planning. Dentsu is known for its marketing expertise, making it a key player in the digital marketing sector in Japan. They use the latest technology and data-driven strategies to help clients attract and retain customers, leaving a lasting impression.

With a large network of experts and deep knowledge of both local and international markets, Dentsu provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions for all kinds of businesses

10. Hakuhodo

Category: Advertising & PR


Hakuhodo, similar to Dentsu, is a well-known and established advertising, marketing agency, digital agency and PR agency in Japan, with a history going back to 1895. While their services might come at a higher cost, reflecting their large client base, the agency is famous for its creative skills and deep understanding of Japanese culture and consumer behaviour. Their campaigns are known for resonating well with local audiences, especially in the digital realm.

The agency’s focus on creativity and putting clients first has helped it build a strong reputation both in Japan and internationally.


Entering the Japanese market is attractive and challenging for foreign companies. Beyond the language difference, it’s key to understand Japanese culture and what consumers want. Japan has its own special digital spaces, like LINE and Yahoo! Japan, which means companies need to create tailored plans for social media and online selling.

Japan’s digital marketing scene offers many opportunities for international companies aiming to stand out. The featured agencies boast broad skills and a strong understanding of Japanese culture and consumer preferences. They provide services ranging from social media marketing to video production and interactive marketing, simplifying the process for foreign companies to find their ideal partner in Japan. Selecting the perfect agency allows companies to thrive, expand their presence, attract new audiences, and make a difference.

With tough competition from Japanese companies, foreign brands need smart and new strategies to stand out. We hope that this article will help you find your next digital marketing company in Japan!

Cover Photo by note thanun on Unsplash

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